Malachite Crystal Tumble

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Use Malachite Crystal Tumbles for:

  • Absorbing negative energy
  • Encourages risk taking, adventure
  • Heart and 3rd eye activation
  • Insight
  • Nature and devic connection


Beautiful dark green patterning for these malachite specimens! Malachite has grown in popularity in home decor for the stunning color and patterning that it exhibits and it is no wonder! It is both healing and extremely beautiful! These pieces measure approximately 1-2 inches.

Malachite is one of the crystals that should be used with caution. Do not place in water or use as crystal water elixirs. It is toxic and should only be handled in polished form. 

Options for use:

Use with caution! Best kept in medicine bag if transported for daily use. Use on altar or typical crystal storage location such as a shelf.

This purchase is for (1) one tumble.