Crystals 101 – How do crystals work?

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This is probably the most commonly asked question when it comes to using crystals as a form of healing.

There are a few different aspects to it in my opinion.

First you must think of it in terms of energy. We are energetic beings and our energy varies from day to day. Our energy is impacted by a variety of factors, but a large majority of our energy is derived from our emotions. So, before we delve into crystals and how they work, we need to first understand our own body energy.

Here’s a list of some factors that affect our energy.

  • Our own emotions

 Once you reach a certain level of emotional understanding you realize that you and you alone are responsible for your own emotions and your own emotional well-being. And these emotions are energy and they impact our overall energy that we maintain and emit out to those around us.

So, let’s look at a couple of examples. One example – you wake up and have a full week of meetings, deadlines and presentations. You may be feeling stressed out, anxious, edgy, or irritated. Another example – Day 1 of a two-week vacation – just you and an open expanse of beachfront property. You probably are smiling right now just thinking of that last example 😊. So you can see how our emotional response to situations affect our emotional state and therefore our energy.

  •  Home environment

So now let’s talk a little about our home environment. Can you tell a difference in your own emotional state if there’s a lot of clutter versus everything organized and clean?

I know that doesn’t necessarily apply to all people as clutter doesn’t impact some personality types, but there may be other examples for them – such as loud noise – such as tv’s, traffic, etc.

How many of us have walked into a hotel room and just sighed and jumped on the bed to relax? Part of that is because there isn’t a lot of doodads, knick knacks, etc. everywhere impacting the flow of energy.

  •  Diet/exercise

This is pretty much a no-brainer. Most of us are aware, at some level, of how we feel after we eat. As you become more self-aware, you may realize ‘wow I feel really lethargic and spaced out after eating a Mexican food meal at lunch’ (I’m looking at myself here). On the other end of the spectrum – you may go to a healthy retreat where the focus is on fresh, local, non-GMO, organic fruits and vegetables and realize just how amazing the food tastes and how your body feels invigorated after eating. And we all know just how great we feel after exercising.

  • What we focus on

Social media, tv shows, magazines, books – all these things that we give our attention to has an impact on us. Do you find yourself depressed after seeing the latest post from your friend on yet another vacation? Observe that seemingly flawless model on the front cover of that magazine and begin to feel deflated? Get anxious after reading that latest murder novel and run and double-check your lock on your door before going to bed?

  • Stars/cosmos

And then there’s stuff that we are impacted by that we aren’t in control of and probably aren’t even aware of. The planetary alignments, moon phases and incoming energies from the universe all impact us in various ways from being anxious, lethargic to energetic and unable to sleep.

So, what does all of this have to do with crystals? These are all examples of how we, in our daily lives, are energetically challenged day-in and day-out through a variety of causes.

Crystals are one tool that we have available to us to assist us to become more in alignment with our own true selves.

So how do crystals work?

As we saw above, we are highly variable in our emotions due to a variety of causes. Crystals, on the other hand, emit their energy in a steady-state. Their energy is constant, so when we are near these crystals, we start to resonate with their energy. Depending on the sensitivity of the individual – this can vary, but in general, within 3 feet is when we will be in their energetic field and begin to resonate with their energy.

So, by being in their energetic field, we are impacted. There are some things that I believe that can impact this as well – which is belief. Belief systems are a whole topic by themselves, but the power of the mind, the law of attraction – those all come into play here. If you strongly believe that crystals don’t do anything – then as you are a creator being – then that will be true for you. We create our own reality with our thoughts and beliefs. I’m reminded of people that have healed themselves through the powerful belief that they can.

 And as you would suspect, different crystals emit a different vibration which is why different crystals are chosen for different issues to heal. Some crystals are very high vibration – so you would not choose one of those for anxiety – as one example.

And just like the crystals are different, people are also different in their sensitivity to crystal energies. Some people can feel energy easier than others. And as you raise your own vibration, you will most likely will become more sensitive to energy and therefore to crystals and their energy.

In addition to affecting our energy through their resonance, just having a piece in our environment can instill a sense of happiness and wonder as we appreciate their beauty.

When it comes to working with crystals, it is always recommended to work with one at a time. One great idea is to buy a journal and start to document your experiences with each individual crystal.

Just as we noted above, there are many causes to our emotions and to our energetic state. It is a good idea to be more mindful of how your emotions shift and to be able to identify the cause. This will help you to better understand yourself and to help determine the impacts of the crystals versus the causes listed above.

Here are a few examples I will share of experiences I’ve had with crystals.

Example 1: Red jasper

I was taking a crystal course at a local crystal shop. The teacher passed around a bowl of crystals and asked us to pick one. I chose a red one which I was told later was a red jasper. We were told to write down anything that we felt.

Well I immediately began to feel nauseous, so I held the crystal a bit and then had to put it down. I literally felt like I wanted to throw up.

The teacher proceeded to then ask us each of us what we experienced. I was embarrassed to say that I wanted to throw up! She said that we intuitively picked out what we needed. Being in a crystal shop, she said, had probably made me ungrounded being in such a high vibrational place.

Red jasper is a grounding stoned, so I had intuitively picked out a crystal that I needed to help ground me. It was just that going from such a high vibration state to picking up such a strong grounding stone had been a bit of shock to my system, so it ended up making me feel nauseous.

Example 2: Moldavite

Moldavite is a crystal that’s kind of in its own class. It’s formed from a meteorite, associated with extraterrestrial energy and is an accelerator for personal growth and transformation. So of course, once I learned about this crystal – I had to buy one. So, I bought a moldavite ring in Sedona.

One day I decided to wear it to work. As I drove into the parking garage, suddenly, I just started crying! I did not have any external situation to explain this sudden onset of tears. I tried to get a grip before going into work. Once in my office, I had to turn away from the door and face the back of my office because the tears kept coming.

After a while, I began to realize – oh – it’s the moldavite! So, I took off the ring and placed it far away from me. An additional attribute of moldavite is that is a heart chakra stone. It will open you up to your emotions. So apparently, I had some unprocessed emotions that I needed to work through. This is an example of how crystals can assist us with our healing.

Example 3: Azeztulite

I was at the Tucson gem show buying some new products. As I walked down one of the aisles, all my arm hairs started to stand on one end as I walked by this one crystal. I thought to myself – ‘that’s odd’ and proceeded to go through the rest of the booth. When I came back, my arm hairs did the same thing! So, I thought to myself, okay, I’ll check this out. It was azeztulite – a crystal I had not heard of before. I brought a few pieces home. I decided to work with one piece. As I held it in my hand – I could literally feel the energy emanating from it – going through my hand almost like it was pulsating. It was tingly and surreal feeling. I had literally never felt anything like it before. Azeztulite is a very high vibration crystal that serves to bring light into the body instilling a sense of peace, joy and happiness and connecting to your divine self.

There are many more examples, but these are just a few I wanted to share to illustrate just how powerful these crystals can be.

Closing thoughts

I believe crystals are becoming an integral part of our lives currently for a reason. They are here to assist us in raising our vibration as we collectively elevate our consciousness. My hope is that you learn more about crystals and incorporate them into your life as powerful tools to assist you on your journey.

In love, light and gratitude,



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