About Us

Hi! I'm Heather - creator of Tropica Exotica. My intention with this website is to share information about crystals and to hopefully encourage you to incorporate crystals into your life. My journey into crystals began a few years ago. Since then, I've traveled to different gem shows to purchase crystal products to share with others. I can understand why some people may think crystals are a bunch of mumbo jumbo - and believe me, I was the same a few years back. Since then, my experiences with them have been profound - and experience is really our best teacher! I hope you join me in this journey in discovering the magical properties of crystals and enjoying their beauty as I have! Be sure to check out my blog and You Tube Channel - "Tropica Exotica" where I also post informative videos about crystals. Also - be sure to follow our social media outlets linked on our main webpage to keep in touch! 

In love, light and gratitude,