Crystals 102 - Crystal Shapes and Their Uses

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One of the first things you will notice when you begin your exploration into the world of crystals is their various shapes. In this article I’ll discuss a few of the key shapes and how they are used.


When people first begin their journey into the crystal world – they usually start with tumbles. Tumbles are small pieces ranging in size from usually about ½ inch up to 2 inches. They are an easy way to start to use crystals because they are usually inexpensive and accessible. The price of the particular tumble is always reflective of the cost being passed down to the consumer – such as a rarer crystal as well as the quality of the crystal itself. Some of the tumbles are rated to their quality – so you may see some listed as A++ for example – which means it is a higher quality. Tumbles can be carried on your person – such as handbag, pocket, placed inside a jewelry wire cage in a necklace, and even be placed in your bra! They can be used in crystal grids and altars. You can meditate with them or buy several and place in a small bowl as décor to beautify your home.

Single-terminated crystals:

Single-terminated crystals are just as their name implies – they are crystals that have a point on one end. They can vary in size from just an inch to several inches. You would use single-terminated crystals to direct the energy from the tip. If used in healing – it would draw the energy off the body when placed with the tip facing away from the body. If used in crystal grids – it would direct the energy towards where the tip is facing.

Double-terminated crystals:

Add another tip to the opposite end of the single-terminated crystal and that is your double-terminated crystal. These crystals direct the energy out from both tips simultaneously. If used in healing – these assist in clearing blockages between 2 chakras or to direct the energy from the healer to the other person.


Generators are crystals that have a base and are columnar with 6 sides at the top. Generators are used in crystal grids as the center crystal. They can also be programmed to hold intentions. Generators direct the energy upward through the tip of the crystal allowing the intention/desire to be put out into the Universe.

Tantric Twin:

A tantric twin crystal is a crystal that has been formed when two crystals grow side-by-side, usually about the same length. They are used to draw in soul mates and/or twin flames and to strengthen the relationship between them.


Pyramid shaped crystals serve to concentrate and focus the energy through the apex of the pyramid. If used in healing, you would place the base of the crystal on the chakra you are working on to draw off stuck or negative energies.


Once you get more involved in crystals, you may be drawn to buy larger pieces. Spheres are an excellent next step. They send the energy outwards in all directions. You can use these in your home to send the energy throughout the room of your choice. I personally love rose quartz spheres for adding that positive, loving energy into my personal space.

Heart-shaped Crystals:

Heart-shaped crystals are carved into the shape of a heart. Just by its shape alone – lends one to sense feelings associated with the heart – love, kindness and compassion and that is exactly what this shape does in addition to the specific properties of the crystal from which its fashioned. Any crystal can be shaped into heart form (for those that can be shaped), however rose quartz is definitely one of the more popular crystals for this shape.


I’m always amazed at peoples’ reactions at crystal skulls – they either love them or hate them! I love them - but I am a Scorpio! 😊 Skulls are considered recordkeepers. This makes sense as the brain in human skulls holds information. Crystal skulls can pick up information and store it. They can be taken to sacred sites as well as placed amongst other crystal skulls to absorb information and downloads. This information would be stored within the crystal skull and can be accessed by the owner. You can meditate with your skull to form a relationship with it and receive its knowledge. I will save my experience with Max the Crystal Skull for another blog – hint – it was a powerful experience!


Merkabas are by far my favorite shape (besides skulls). In case you are not familiar with a merkaba – the merkaba is basically two pyramids – one facing up, one facing down that serves as the human light body. Mer – means “light” – Ka means “spirit” – Ba – means “Body”. Once activated, the light body becomes the vehicle to transport one to other dimensions. Merkaba shaped crystals would assist one in spiritual transformation and self-healing.


The ultimate for crystal lovers – crystal specimens are large pieces of the naturally formed crystal that are kept within the home displayed – usually very proudly!! I have a long list of crystal specimens on my personal bucket list, however, my current favorite is pink apophyllite. It’s a dream - crystally, light pink gorgeous sparkly goodness! Apophyllite is a crystal that allows one to connect to the spiritual realms. It is a powerful energy transmitter due to its high-water content. I also keep clear quartz and amethyst throughout my home. One of the comments I frequently receive upon people entering my home is “It feels good in here.” I owe it to the crystals and their positive and uplifting energy that they emanate!

Although this list of crystal shapes is not comprehensive – these are some of the basic shapes that you will initially come across once you venture into the crystal world. I hope this article will help you in understanding why you might choose one crystal shape over another.

What are your thoughts on the crystal shapes? Do you have a favorite? If so – please share in the comments below! We would love to hear your thoughts!

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