Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year Everyone! If you haven’t yet checked out my initial blog – feel free to check it out to get a little background on me 😊

In today’s blog, I’ll be discussing my future plans for this blog. As I mentioned in my last post – two interests (obsessions) I have are crystals and plants. My hope is that through this blog I’ll help others have a greater understanding of the world of crystals. I plan to start out with some basic crystal information and then delve into each individual crystal to gain a better understanding of their metaphysical properties. I know when I first started out learning about them – it was a bit overwhelming, so I plan to provide an overview and then spend some time helping others see how they can incorporate them into their lives.

One of my other passions is plants. Although I consider myself to be a part of the plant world and do engage with a lot of fellow plant lovers – I’m always amazed at the lack of interest that others have in them. My hope is to change that! There are so many reasons that we need to be engaged in the plant world at this time. They are part of a necessary process for all things living and offer so much! Besides the obvious - food, they offer medicines, and form amazing symbiotic relationships between animals and insects as one example. Not only that – but I think we take for granted the sheer beauty that they bring into our lives. I mean what if we drove down the street and there were no trees, grass or flowers anywhere? I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels devastated seeing huge swaths of land cleared for yet another subdivision. It can be truly disheartening.

Once I was able to purchase a home with an actual yard – I was actually surprised at what unfolded. I had originally planted the plants because I wanted a tropical feel to my yard – to be able to come home to my own tropical oasis. I also wanted to grow my own fruit. What ended up surprising me – was how fascinating it was to just observe the little ecosystem that I had created. I planted some tropicals that would die back during the winter months, as well as some trees that would keep their leaves to provide a privacy barrier between neighbors. So I ended up creating a habitat for birds to build their nests, and a whole range of little insects and critters! I had spiders, wasps, earthworms, snakes, beetles, butterflies, moths, lizards – all making this their home! It was just amazing to watch develop! This was their home! How grateful and amazing it was to watch unfold. So this was one of the delightful ‘side effects’ of designing a home garden ended up creating. I have come across so many unusual little insects – like hummingbird moths and various beetles in all different colors – it’s just been so fascinating to go outside and see what will show up next! I even had a praying mantis recently lay an egg case on one of my fruit trees!

So my plan is to talk about the various types of tropical plants as well as others that I come across that I feel are interesting. I think part of the battle with people and plants is that they get discouraged after spending money on plants only to have them die. So one of the things I plan to talk about it is their care, where it would be appropriate to plant them, and/or how they can be used in landscaping and in the home. One thing I would like to know from you – is what type of plant questions do you have? I plan to start compiling a list of questions so that I can begin addressing them through my blog posts. So please feel free to leave a comment below! Welcome to 2019!!!!


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