Welcome to my Tropica Exotica blog!

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my Tropica Exotica blog! This blog will be dedicated to all nature-related topics with a focus on my 2 favorite loves – crystals and plants!

I grew up on a property of about 1 ½ acres. My parents were always avid gardeners with my dad focusing on vegetable gardens and my mom focusing on flower gardens.

As the internet took off, my mom began trading plants with others from across the country. That resulted in her obtaining some new and unusual plants. I believe that probably spurred my interest in unique plants.

Living down in the South (Houston Tx area), we are blessed with moderate winters and are able to grow a lot of tropical plants. And the tropical plants are what I’m truly obsessed with! I have been experimenting growing a variety of unique tropicals as I find them.

I have purchased them from speciality nurseries, local plant sales - such as the Mercer Arboretum plant sale as well as online.

I think what appeals to me the most are the unique patterning and textures such as what you find with alocasias and colocasias as well as the absolute stunning flowers such as heliconias and gingers.

Ultimately I plan to open a plant nursery offering these products. However, I am starting small with an online business focusing on those easiest to ship – the air plants.

I absolutely fell in love with air plants when I first came across them. Literally the most adorable things I think I’ve seen! And probably one of the best ways to introduce people to plants as they require minimal care yet offer so much in return.

Along my life journey here recently I was ‘re-introduced’ into crystals. I say ‘re-introduced’ because I clearly remember as a child walking up and down our rock driveway searching for the ‘sparkly’ rocks. I eventually found all of them and had to then go in search of new things – like crawdads. 😊

So as it happened, I was at my sister’s house one day when she showed me a couple of crystals she had purchased through a local vendor at her workplace. She told me about the metaphysical properties of these crystals. I was intrigued to say the least!

Upon my return home, I began ‘googling’ crystals. I ended up finding someone that would do a ‘crystal’ reading. A crystal reading is where they pull crystals out of a bag and the crystal that they pull according to the order it’s pulled in means certain things.

I was absolutely captivated at this point! So I began going down the crystal road - again! I took crystal courses online as well as locally and eventually became so interested that I decided to locate and offer these beauties to others!

I do hope you join me on this journey of discovery of plants and crystals and what they can bring into your life. My hope is that you learn about them as well as enjoy the wonder and beauty that they have to offer!

In love, light, and gratitude,



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