Chrysocolla Crystal Tumble

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Use Chrysocolla Crystal Tumble for:

  • Harmony
  • Communication
  • Life purpose
  • Inner wisdom


Varying hues of blues to greens, sensuously rich in depth. Approximately 1 inch in size. Grade "A" quality. 

The quality of these gems is unmatched. They are simply divine! The color and patterning are unique for each stone - from dark green to rich blue-greens to browns to whites - they are fascinating to look at. They remind me of birds eggs! Little hidden jewels if you only take the time to observe! Each of these has their own unique story to tell! These are one of the more expensive stones - as they are more rare.

How to use:

Use in meditation, keep it on your person, bag, car, altar or office. Or keep in small bowls as decor.