Tiger's Eye Multi-Color Crystal Stretch Bracelet

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Be sure to zoom in to check out these amazing blue, red and brown/tan tiger's eye bead bracelets! What you will find most remarkable about Tiger’s Eye is the way that it shimmers when you move it. The term used to describe this unique feature is called “chatoyancy” also known as “cat’s eye effect”. Light is reflected within this stone causing them to exhibit an effect that resembles cats' eyes. Tiger’s eye is a quartz where the tiny fibers of the mineral crocidolite found were wrapped with little columns of quartz causing this shimmery effect through years of cracking and sealing. Red tiger's eye adds the additional property of vitality and blue assists with reducing anxiety and stress. These bracelets are absolutely stunning!

Use for:

  • Psychic abilities
  • Concentration
  • Peace
  • Stimulates kundalini energy
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Support

This purchase is for (1) one Tiger's Eye (Multi-Color) Crystal Stretch Bracelet.