2020 Christmas Gift Guide

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2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Well I don’t know about you, but I am and have been looking forward to the holidays this year. After all of the change, chaos, unknown and social isolation, I think I’m ready to have at least some sort of normalcy with celebrating a lifelong tradition of Christmas.

The last 2 years, I actually have not decorated as a result of hosting the previous year and being completely worn out by getting the house ready for family – including buying bed linens, blankets, planning the food menus and grocery lists, decorating the house – inside and outside, buying gifts and wrapping them. I know that this is a normal state of being for a lot of people, but it was completely overwhelming to me! And as an empath, I guess I needed two years to recover from that year!!

Fast forward to this year – 2020.  A year a lot of us would like to forget. But instead of forgetting, why not instead kick off 2021 with a huge holiday celebration? Whatever your faith may be, why not take the time to celebrate the fact that we can still rejoice with our family and/or friends? I think a lot of us have taken for granted being able to have gatherings, take weekend trips, do the little things like shopping and going to our favorite locales – beaches, parks, or sporting events, theater and festivals.

So, I thought I’d share a few unique gift ideas for your friends and family. I know that not is into the metaphysical properties of crystals – and I get that, I really do. But at the very least – they are from nature and are beautiful objects.

As such, I’m creating this gift guide with that in mind. For those that are interested in the specific metaphysical properties of the crystals – I’ve grouped those products together down below and have a few other ideas on just how to add these unique gems to your gift exchange this year!

Home Décor:

For the home, there are many different crystals that will work – for both as displays and some for function.

For adding some sparkly goodness to your home, I’d check out our selection of pillars, hearts and specimens or merkabas

Fluorite pillar, Red Tiger’s Eye Hearts, Green fluorite, Rose Quartz Merkaba

For crystals that have a useful function, we have an awesome selection of crystal wine stoppers and crystal coasters!

For the Boho, free spirit or gypsy in your life!

Check out amazing selection of crystals with a more natural form – such as our geode earrings, agate earrings (which come in different colors), unique rings and pendants

Geode Earrings, Agate Earrings, Agate rings,


Tiger’s Eye Merkaba Pendant, Selenite Earrings

For Earrings, click here

For Pendants, click here

For Rings, click here

Multi-colored tourmaline (various bead sizes), Tiger’s eye, (various colors – brown, multi-color and blue),


For Bracelets, click here


Mookaite tumbles

Keep these tumbles with you for energy and vitality or place one or two in your lotion jar.

Rose quartz tumbles

Add a tumble to a bowl of water and leave it overnight to infuse it with love and beauty. Use that water to rinse off your face in the morning. Or place one in a facial water spritzer bottle for extra added beauty.


For kinds that are old enough (I would not recommend for young kids), I've listed out a few that I think most kids would would love.

1. Spirit quartz - these are all sorts of sparkly and just magical!

For spirit quartz, click here

Ocean jasper hearts

I must say, I love ocean jasper. It has these little patterns, and some have these little hidden pockets of sparkly crystals hidden. They are a crystal that brings in joy – so who wouldn’t want more joy in their life? Shaped as hearts, these would probably bring a smile to any kids face!


  • For teens – I’d recommend any of the crystal bracelets – they love bracelets!! Both boys and girls love them! But please be aware that they must take care of the bracelets – they are string!

For bracelets, click here

For girls – some sparkly earrings would be lovely – try the purple bar druzy ones or the selenite. The selenite is fragile – but as long as they treat them with care, they should be fine – just don’t drop them.

For Earrings, click here

Metaphysical Properties

If you’d like to choose a gift based on a Metaphysical property – then this is your section. I’ve divided it up into a few different categories based on popularity:

1. Love/relationship

2. Money/abundance

3. Psychic Protection

4. Spiritual guidance/intuition

If there is a different metaphysical property that you’d like help on – feel free to DM or email me.

If you want to learn about the various shapes and their uses, read this article:


  1. 1.Tumbles

Tumbles are small, tumbled crystals – usually around 1 ½ inches in size that can be put in a small pouch and carried with you wherever you go. They can also be used on altars or in crystal grids. People usually start out with tumbles and as they get more into crystals, purchase lager pieces as they learn more about them.

For tumbles, I would recommend:

Rhodochrosite (Passion), Thulite (passion), rose quartz, kunzite, chrysoprase, rhodonite, and aventurine (For love later in life)

Pictured as listed above:

Rhodochrosite, Thulite, rose quartz

  Kunzite, chrysoprase

 Rhodonite, Aventurine

For tumbles, click here

  1. 2. Hearts

Rose quartz (a few different sizes) and rhodonite. Pictured as listed.


For crystal hearts, click here

  1. 3. Spheres

 Rose Quartz


For crystal spheres, click here

 4. Pillars

 Rose Quartz


For pillars, click here

 5. Pyramids

 Rose Quartz


For pyramids, click here

 6. Bracelets

Aventurine and rhodochrosite

 For bracelets, click here:


  1. Tumbles

Citrine and aventurine


  1. Bracelets

Pyrite, aventurine, jade


Psychic protection and Grounding

  1. Tumbles

Black tourmaline


For tumbles, click here

  1. Bracelets

Bronzite and Black Tourmaline


For bracelets, click here

Spiritual connection, guidance, intuition

  1. Tumbles

Super 7, Pietersite, Charoite


Aquamarine, Apatite, Chevron Amethyst


            Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Angelite



For tumbles, click here

  1. Bracelets

Amethyst, Apatite, Tumbled Amethyst, Aquamarine


For bracelets, click here



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