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This week we are diving into one of my favorite crystals (I feel like I have a lot of favorites! 😊) But this one truly is one of my favorites. It has a unique coloring of light green and rich, warm, dark brown – it has a more of an earthy vibe than one of the sparkly crystals – like apophyllite. Crystals all have their own unique appeal, and chrysoprase has this exciting “look what I just dug out of the dirt” feel. Mother Nature just has this way of creating these amazing works of art – it never ceases to amaze me!

So what are some fun facts about chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase is a form of chalcedony. Chrysoprase ranges in various shades of green due to the amounts of nickel each specimen contains. Although it can be used in jewelry such as rings and pendants, chrysoprase is not normally found in large amounts commercially because of the variation of the stone’s colors. The name “Chrysoprase” stems from the Greek word meaning “green apple.”


            Hardness: Mohs hardness of 7

            Location: Australia, Poland, United States, Russia

            Chakra: Heart

What Metaphysical Properties does it possess?

If you have read some of my other articles, you know that I always like to talk about which chakra each crystal supports. Many of the crystals that support the various chakras are the same color as the chakra that they support. In this case, the green color would lead you to believe that it is a heart chakra crystal and indeed that is the case with chrysoprase. It is the ultimate heart healer crystal.

  • Have you gone through heartbreak recently? Then chrysoprase can help you walk through heartbreak through forgiveness and acceptance while providing strength
  • If you have difficulty standing in your own truth, chrysoprase can help give you courage to face difficult circumstances while operating from the heart.
  • Looking to draw in prosperity and abundance into your life – chrysoprase is a excellent crystal for drawing in wealth
  • Chrysoprase is very powerful for attracting new love with an open heart

How do you Use Chrysoprase?

Heart healing:

  • Ideally, wear a chrysoprase pendant so that it falls over your heart chakra, or wear a ring.
  • Meditate with a tumble and place it over your heart chakra
  • Use a small bag and place near you while working and/or carry in your handbag while out and about
  • Use chrysoprase tumbles in your crystal love grid

Speaking your truth:

  • Wear a piece of chrysoprase jewelry
  • Use a small bag and place near you while working and/or carry in your handbag while out and about

Prosperity and abundance:

  • Place a few tumbles in the far left hand corner of your house as you enter it. In Feng Shui, this is wealth area of your home.
  • Meditate while holding a few chrysoprase tumbles while stating positive affirmations to draw in wealth

While chrysoprase is not as common to find either commercially in jewelry or abundant in various shapes and sizes as one would find with something like rose quartz, unique pieces of jewelry and tumbles can easily be used to draw in the wonderful properties it possesses. As I sit here wearing my chrysoprase ring, I continue to admire its beauty and revel in its dynamic color. For anyone going through a stressful breakup, let chrysoprase help you through this journey – it is your workhorse. Don’t underestimate the power of this crystal in assisting you with operating from your heart!

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