How to Create an Abundance Altar

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I just created an abundance altar and wanted to share it with you in case you wanted to create one for yourself. An altar is a dedicated intentional space. Altars are a great way to help focus energy on your desires – whether it’s a relationship/love, abundance/wealth, peace, and harmony or whatever else you want to bring more into your life. You can buy a special table specific for your altar or dedicate a space on an existing table or shelf.

There are various items that you can add to your altar. One thing that I have learned is that the more items that you add, help strengthen the energetic draw. You can consider them as layers. Different items that you might consider adding to your altar are statues/figurines, candles, plants/flowers, crystals, artwork with sayings or specific images, herbs, and different trinkets that represent your intention. As you can see, there are a lot of options to consider. It’s your altar, so you get to choose what resonates with you the most!

For intentional spaces, I tend to follow Feng Shui principles for determining the location of the altar. For money and wealth, that would be the far-left corner of your home as you enter the front door. You could also put your altar in your office as another option.

Now let’s get to the good part and add the pieces to the altar!

I bought a table specifically to serve as the base for my altar. You can purchase small tables in any home décor store or order specific altar tables online. I decided to add a buddha statue as my main center piece. I think a lot of the time when it comes to money, a lot of us feel a sense of anxiety. To me – Buddha always represents peace. Just looking at statues of Buddha calms me down (which is why I have them all over my house.) This thing is already working!! Lol! Next, I’ve decided to add a money tree. Money trees are small trees that can be grown indoors with some natural light. They are known for drawing in good luck and abundance. Another option to consider would be lucky bamboo. You can buy some already assembled in a small pot or buy loose pieces if you can find them. But always choose an odd number – like 3 or 5 and put them in a vase with water.

Next, I’ve decided to add a green candle. I chose a tall one because I plan to burn it daily. I choose the color green because green is the color of money. Plus, it also matches nicely with my green plant! 😊

Okay, now onto the other elements. I’m adding some crystals known for drawing in abundance. I have a large pyrite heart and some aventurine and citrine tumbles. I’m also adding a citrine tower which will help focus the intention.

Pyrite is just one of those badass crystals that just looks powerful. You may be familiar with the term “Fools Gold” – that would be pyrite. Pyrite helps increase success which leads to prosperity. It is also great for increasing strength and willpower.

Aventurine is a beautiful light green crystal that helps draw in love, luck, and wealth. So it’s an all around great crystal to add to your intentional spaces.

Citrine is probably the most well-known crystal for generating wealth. Citrine also instills a sense of joy and peace, so I love to wear it daily as well!

Other crystal options to consider are jade and malachite – which are also green crystals – the color of money!

If you just have tumbles, just add a pretty decorative plate and place the crystals on top of the plate.

Another element that I am adding are herbs. I’m placing chamomile (I just used chamomile from a tea bag), and I am adding some cinnamon sticks. I will place these in a small dish. You could also place the crystals on top of the herbs.

Other elements I am adding are business cards, images of success and actual money. You can also place a check that has a certain amount on it that you want, or just write out the amount of money that you would like to manifest.

I also have added a small vial of patchouli, so this will add scent as yet another layer to my intention!

And the last thing that I am adding to my abundance altar is a large mason jar. In this jar, I plan to write out different positive affirmations related to money. Some examples are “I am a money magnet”, or “money flows to me easily”. Or “I am so happy and grateful now for the opportunities to increase my wealth.”

I intend to have a little mini ritual each day. I will focus my attention on my altar, light a candle, place a drop of patchouli on my wrist, and write down my affirmation and place it in the jar.

One other thing to keep in mind is to actually give money away when the opportunity presents itself. I remember someone saying once that if your hands are closed and you don’t give away anything, then they are also not open to receive. So, make sure as you focus your attention on drawing in wealth, that you remember that you are abundant and you can afford to give. The YOUniverse is limitless!

I hope this inspires you to create your own abundance altar. May your days be filled with many blessings in all areas!

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