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This week we are going to talk about aventurine. Aventurine may or may not be a crystal that you have heard of before. But I was inspired to pick this crystal to talk about this week because where I live it’s spring time and all of the plants have put on their new leaves for the season and everything is looking very lush. Aventurine is this bright green cheery gem that perfectly reflects the newness of the season. So let’s dive in!

First let’s go over some crystal basics:

Aventurine is a type of quartz. It is quite translucent and the reflective qualities are due to an embedded chromium-rich mica – fuchsite. This property is called ‘aventurescence.” The most common variety is green, but aventurine can also be blue or red due to different inclusion materials. It can be considered a less expensive option to jade. It’s bright green color always imparts a cheeriness to me! And who couldn’t use more positive vibes in their life!


            Hardness: Mohs hardness of 7

            Location: India, Brazil, Russia, and Spain

            Chakra: Heart

What Metaphysical Properties does it possess?

One of the most fascinating things to be me about this crystal is that it provides so many of the qualities that each of us would want. So, to me, it’s an overall good choice if you are not sure of what crystal to incorporate into your life.

  • While most of us consider citrine to be the crystal for prosperity, aventurine is also a crystal of prosperity and luck!
  • Needing more love in your life? Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and can assist in drawing love into your life.
  • Aventurine is an excellent crystal for gardeners as it can be used to stimulate plant growth.
  • One of the most notable characteristics to me about aventurine is its ability to increase our sense of happiness and well-being

How do you use Aventurine?

Prosperity and luck:

  • Place a few aventurine tumbles in the far-left corner of your house as you enter it. This is your wealth corner in feng shui.
  • Wear an aventurine bracelet to draw in abundance.
  • Carry aventurine tumbles with you
  • In your office, keep aventurine pieces around as décor


  • Use aventurine tumbles in a crystal love grid
  • Find an aventurine necklace and wear it close to your heart chakra or alternatively, wear an aventurine bracelet or other piece of jewelry
  • Carry aventurine tumbles with you
  • Place a bowl of aventurine tumbles in the far-right corner of your house as you enter the door. According to feng shui, this is the relationship corner in your house.

To stimulate plant growth:

  • Place aventurine pieces in your garden to stimulate plant growth
  • Place a few tumbles in potted plants in your home

Well-being, optimism:

  • Wear a piece of aventurine as jewelry
  • Meditate with an aventurine tumble in the morning to kick your day off with a positive vibe
  • Carry aventurine tumbles with you

As I sit here typing this article and wearing my aventurine bracelet, I can tell you that it’s energy is one of happiness, enthusiasm and emotional expansiveness. It is truly a crystal that can enhance one’s overall sense of well-being. As we go through various challenges in life, one of the tools that we have in our arsenal is to bring crystal energy into our lives to assist us through these challenges. With formal training in the sciences, I’ve always been open-minded to things that science may not always explain. But as we begin to listen to our intuition and our inner voices, we will start to make decisions that align with our inner truth. My hope in sharing information about these crystals is that you will give them a chance to work for you, as they have many gifts to share with us.

In Love, Light and Gratitude,



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