Black Tourmaline – An Empath’s Best Friend

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This week we are focusing on black tourmaline. In my last post, we talked about anxiety and how anxiety could be caused by being sensitive to energy (an empath). One of the tools that we mentioned to use in order to manage energy from other people is to keep a piece of black tourmaline with you.

One of the purposes of this blog is to share information and introduce people to the world of crystals. So I’m starting out with my deeper dive into the individual crystals with the one crystal that has helped me the most – black tourmaline.

The Basics:

Black tourmaline is one of the groups of tourmalines known as “schorl.” It is a silicate that occurs as long, slender and columnar. For unpolished forms, you will see striations along this crystal. It is strongly pyroelectric and piezoelectric.

Black Tourmaline

Color: Black

Hardness: 7-7.5

Associated chakra – Root, but can balance and clear all of the chakras

What Metaphysical properties does it possess?

If you are sensitive to energy then you must definitely own a piece of black tourmaline. And even if you aren’t, this crystal should be in everyone’s toolkit,

  • Black tourmaline’s main metaphysical property is to transmute dense energy into lighter energy, thereby serving to protect the user.
  • It will also draw off negative energy from the body as well as forming a protective shield around it.
  • It can protect against harmful EMF – so can be used to protect from cell phone usage as well as while working on a computer.
  • If you are concerned about others sending negative energy or a psychic attack, this is the crystal to use.
  • Black tourmaline is associated with the root chakra and serves to ground energy, which is very important to empaths. It can also balance all of the chakras by serving to remove blockages and clear them. The unique striated patterning assist with keeping energy flowing.

Other benefits include:

  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Releasing fear
  • Releasing victim mentality
  • Assisting with negative thought patterns

For the garden, tourmaline is great for encouraging plant growth and is a natural insecticide.

How do you use black tourmaline?

There are many different ways black tourmaline can be used.

  • You can carry a piece with you – such as in a medicine bag in your handbag
  • You an carry a tumble in your pocket
  • You can wear a black tourmaline pendant or other jewelry
  • You can bury a piece in a potted plant or in the soil by the front door to ward off negative energy
  • You an keep a piece by your nightstand to keep negative energy away while you sleep, or protect them from EMF if you keep your phone on your nightstand
  • You can keep a piece in your car while you travel
  • You can bury a piece in your garden for plant growth and a natural insect repellant

A final note:

I personally have found that the grounding capability of this crystal has helped me the most. I find that I’m more balanced, calm and at peace when I have this crystal near me. You can keep a piece near you and just relax in the fact that it is just sitting there doing its job of keeping your energetic field free and clear of any negative energy coming your way!

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