Crystals for Aura Protection

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What is an aura?

An aura is your energetic field that emanates from you and surrounds your physical body from approximately 18 inches to 3 feet. You may have heard of someone having an ‘aura reading.’ The color of the aura can provide information about that person. If you are interested in learning more about aura colors and their meaning – I’d refer you to Pamela Aaralyn. If you want to practice seeing your own aura – I’d stand in front of a mirror with a white background. You can put a piece of white cardboard behind you if you don’t have a white wall. Just let your gaze unfocus and look slightly above your shoulder area. It may take a few minutes, but eventually you will start to detect colors. If you don’t see it the first time, keep on practicing. You can also try this with your hand against a white piece of paper.

So why do we need to protect it?

Our energetic field is ours. If we let other people into our energetic field, then we could field energetically drained, as well as feel other people’s energy and emotions. That is why it is a good idea to maintain a strong energetic field. There are many ways that we can do this. One way is just through our intention. However, not all of us are good at remembering to maintain a strong energetic field by cleansing, increasing, and sealing it off daily.

This is where crystals can help us. We can wear crystal jewelry or keep a crystal on our body, or near us – such as in our handbag in order to utilize the crystal energy.

Crystals emanate energy and as our energetic fields interact with the crystal energy, we receive the energy from the crystal. So, we can just go through our day without having to remember or worry about keeping our energy field strong and clear.

There are several different crystals that we can utilize to assist us with aura protection. I’ll discuss several different types of crystals that have this specific property.

Black Tourmaline

My go to crystal is black tourmaline. I use black tourmaline daily and have used it, even as recently, during a very scary situation with another individual that had very strong psychic powers that I had not even heard of before. If you are interested in learning more about that experience – I encourage you to read from my blog “” an article called “Close Call.”

In fact, I always keep a large black tourmaline piece with me. Black tourmaline is protective as well as removing negative energy from your energetic field. If you ever find that you interact with another individual and feel drained afterwards – next time wear a black tourmaline pendant, earrings or bracelet to keep them from draining your energy.


Hematite is another workhorse for aura protection. It will assist with balancing the auric field as well as aligning the chakras. Whenever I hold hematite, I always get this almost sense of relief from it. It feels powerful, reliable and immediately calms me down. And it’s also incredibly grounding.


Aquamarine is another crystal that will help shield you from other people’s energies. Along with being protective, aquamarine will also help to reduce stress and anxiety, so it may be a good one to use if you are needing to combat those emotions as well as needing aura protection.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow fluorite is also a great choice for aura protection. It will also help with mental focus and clarity. This would be a good choice in the work environment to help you concentrate as well as protect you from your co-worker’s energies.

Aqua Aura

This is also one of my personal choices. A lot of times when we pick out crystals, we intuitively choose what we need. That was the case for me for aqua aura. I have a “Crystal” aura and am an empath. I am very, very sensitive to energy. When I first got into crystals, I was drawn to and purchased a very nice aqua aura necklace. At the time, I did not know anything about this crystal. Later, I found that it is actually very good at protecting your aura! My higher self probably assisted in this decision knowing that it would be a good choice for me. I feel also that wearing it as a pendant – a focal point on your body really puts it out to the Universe – “hey everyone – guess what – y’all can keep your energies off of me – lol!”


Prehnite is another great crystal choice for aura protection. It’s a beautiful light green crystal with little specks in it. It serves to seal the aura and is the stone known to ‘heal the healer.’ It is a very intriguing crystal to me because of its protective quality as well as good for contacting extraterrestrial beings!

There are many different crystals out there that have the ability to protect the aura. I’d recommend that you follow your internal guidance and choose which ones that resonate with you. If you are going to be in crowds and have a tendency to get anxious, I’d recommend black tourmaline, or any of the other dark crystals – such as obsidian or apache tear (a form of obsidian) to also help ground you which will help with anxiety and keep your energy field strong.

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