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This week we are taking a deeper dive into Selenite. Selenite was one of the first crystals I was immediately drawn to. I think as an Empath – we intuitively are guided to what we need. Selenite is an Empath’s best friend. As Empaths, we have a tendency to take on the energy around us as well as other people’s energy. Selenite serves the dual purpose of clearing away negative energy as well as lifting our vibration.

Let’s take a look at some Selenite basics:

The Basics

Selenite is a type of gypsum. When one hears of the name “Selenite” you may automatically begin to think of the Element “Selenium”, but there is no Selenium in this mineral. The name “Selene” comes from the ancient Greek word for “Moon.” With the glowing, ethereal nature of Selenite, one can easily see the connection. One of the characteristics most notable about Selenite – is the tabular type formation that it exhibits, with striations running through the crystal. Additionally, as a gypsum, selenite is very soft and care must be taken so that it isn’t broken while using.


Hardness: Mohs 2

Location: US, Mexico, Russia, Morocco as well as many other locations

Chakra: Crown

What Metaphysical Properties does it possess?

What is unique about Selenite is that it is a high vibration crystal with a gentle energy, but extremely effective. In my opinion, this crystal is one that every person should own. Let’s take a closer look at why:

  • Selenite emits a very peaceful vibration which can create a calming effect
  • It has the ability to cleanse the aura
  • One of its greatest attributes is its ability to release and dispel negative energy
  • It facilitates the connection to higher realms, higher guidance and spiritual connection

How do you Use Selenite?

To create a calming, peaceful environment:

  • Place selenite candle holders or decorative pieces around your home – on nightstands, end tables and desk
  • Place Selenite lamps on your nightstand, in your kitchen, or living area
  • Place bowls of selenite pieces – such as small tumbles or hearts in bowls in the living area or on your nightstand

To cleanse the aura:

  • Take a selenite wand and run the wand a few inches away from your body in an up and down motion until all areas of your body have been covered
  • Keep selenite wands or other pieces near you – such as in your handbag
  • Wear selenite jewelry – such as pendants or earrings

Dispel negative energy:

  • Keep a large piece on your nightstand
  • Keep a wand or other smaller pieces of selenite – such as a selenite heart in a small medicine bag and keep in your handbag
  • Place a selenite candle holder with a battery-powered tea light on your desk at work
  • Place selenite pieces on windowsills throughout your house to ward off negative energy

To connect with higher realms:

  • Meditate while holding a piece of selenite
  • Lie down while meditating with a piece of selenite on the 3rd eye or near the crown chakra

With the fast-paced chaotic lifestyle that many of us find ourselves in, Selenite is really a must-have crystal to bring a sense of peace into our lives. Not only does it ward off negative energy, it simultaneously raises our vibration – allowing us the opportunity to just breathe a little easier. I keep Selenite pieces all around my house for this reason and I can definitely tell a difference. Selenite candle-holders, large pieces and lamps are all prominently featured throughout my home. Create your own sanctuary – both inner and outer – with Selenite.

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