Crystals for the Garden

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Crystals for the Garden


When it comes to garden décor, crystals are the perfect choice. They are a natural element that add to the garden on so many levels – beauty, consciousness, vibration and enchantment!

But before we get into crystals, let’s first talk a little bit about plants. I can’t say enough good things about plants. A lot of people think that plants are difficult. While some plants may require special care, most plants will thrive once they are planted in the yard if they are watered as necessary and placed in the right sun/shade environment. Potted plants are a different matter – but we will hold off on that topic for now. So, what is so special about plants? Plants add so much to our lives – from beauty, food, medicine, oxygen, shade, clothing, natural shampoos…I could go on and on. But most people don’t appreciate just how much they give us. For me, the best gifts that plants give me – is peace and appreciation! I created my own tropical paradise in my backyard because I live in a semi-tropical environment. So, every day, I can go outside and decompress after being in a city of 6 million people, filled with concrete with very little natural beauty. I can sit outside and journal, listen to my water fountain and the birds, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and relax in the evening with a glass of wine. I can sit outside with my feet off the deck and ground and reconnect with Mother Earth.

The other exciting thing about plants is their consciousness! I was just listening to Joe Rogan and Michael Pollan discuss both of their experiences becoming aware of the consciousness of plants. It was so exciting to hear both of their personal stories – which validated my own experience. Once you become aware of the consciousness of everything around you – it changes how you perceive your own place in this world. We like to think that we as humans are the only things aware, so it’s quite humbling to realize that you are ‘not alone.’  I personally believe that every time I go outside, because I am in such a state of appreciation for the plants – that they feel my appreciation and they thrive because of that. They feel the love! 

Crystals are natural and so they make a perfect addition to our gardens. They add sparkle, color and intrigue with their sheer beauty. They also have consciousness and in fact, can be quite powerful! Because of their high vibration, they also help to elevate the energy in the yard, which can in turn assist the plants growth.

I believe that crystals want to be outdoors right now. So, if you are not actively using one of your larger crystals – why not place it in the garden? The only concern is to not put them in direct sunlight. Put them in a shaded area. I personally use amethyst in my yard and amethyst can fade in direct sun. Which leads us to our main topic – which crystals should we place in the garden?

While any crystal can be used in the garden, I’ll list out a few and their beneficial uses in the garden.

Promote plant growth:

The green crystals moss agate, malachite and aventurine are all excellent to use for plant growth. Moss agate is probably the premier crystal in this group to be used in the garden. This crystal connects to the Earth, is a grounding crystal, and can assist in Elemental and Devic connection and communication. It is an excellent crystal to be used in the garden for these reasons.

Dispel negative energy:

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline dispels negative energy, assists with plant growth and acts as a natural insecticide.


Citrine dispels negative energy as well as brings in joy and happiness. By following feng shui principles, you can place citrine the back far left corner to bring in abundance into the garden.


Amethyst is connected to St. Germaine and the violet flame. I invoke the violet flame daily in my house and throughout my yard in order to clear energy, form a protective shield and to raise the vibration throughout my property. Amethyst supports this effort and increases the connection to that energy.

Increase Energy

Clear quartz is excellent for raising energy. You can also program your clear quartz with your intention for your garden’s health and abundance. Remember to place it in the shade to protect the crystal.

While all of these are excellent choices, follow your own inner guidance and remember that all crystals will benefit the garden. Not only will you increase the energy within the garden, you are guaranteed to have a sense of joy every time you chance upon the crystals that have been added to your flower beds.

Potted plants will also benefit from crystals. I use moss agate, amethyst, and small apophyllite pieces in my potted plants.

While we tend to think of crystals and how they can personally assist us, we need to think beyond ourselves and realize that we are connected to Mother Earth and all the beings in it. I can’t think of a better gift to your plants than to nurture them with the healing and beneficial use of crystal energy.

I hope this article has inspired you to create a magical place in your own surroundings and to recognize and appreciate the many benefits that both plants and crystals give us.

In love, light and gratitude,

Heather Burket





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