Crystals for the Root Chakra

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In this article, I’ll cover the root chakra – some basics and then we’ll deep dive into how to support the root chakra with crystals.

First, what is the root chakra? Chakras are energy vortices located in your body – from the base of your body up to the top of your head. Generally – we usually discuss the 7 main chakras, although there are more than that. The root chakra is the ‘base’ chakra, or the one located just on the bottom of your torso – towards the spine. It is also where the Kundalini energy resides, or your life force energy.

The root chakra is mainly concerned with your physical survival – think physical safety or security, financial, food, and shelter. There is a lot to this concept, but I’ll try and keep this information streamlined. From my perspective, I think that we all have an “emotional setpoint” – or how we operate and experience life day-to-day. If you are interested in further reading – I’d recommend the book “Ask and it is Given” by Jerry and Ester Hicks. This book describes this concept in detail. We have this general approach to our life – are we basically operating in the emotions of love or fear? We can’t operate in both, it’s either one or the other. And there are varying levels of those two extremes that we may experience. If we have grown up in circumstances where we had to worry about food, shelter or our physical safety, then we may continue to operate from that perspective as we go through life.

On the other hand, we may go through periods in our life, when we experience temporary emotions of fear through various situations that we may encounter – such as financial worries, home security, or our ability to have enough to survive.

So, we may, either long-term, or short-term, find ourselves in situations where our root chakra may be off-balance. Symptoms of this could include constant worry, stress, anger (as a result of fear), or feel powerless. Another way this might manifest is if we avoid our physical needs and just exist in our heads and begin daydreaming – not based in reality.

So, the core of the root chakra is about having a solid foundation, being grounded – which is about being present and connected to the Earth. It’s about feeling secure – financially as well as physically safe and healthy. If this core foundation is not in a good place, then we cannot expect to focus our consciousness on other areas.

If you have found yourself generally always in a state of fear and worry about being able to make ends meet or have your basic needs met – I really recommend that you see a qualified therapist – that is no way to live.

If you find yourself temporarily ungrounded, worried about your basic needs – such as food, shelter or money, then there are crystals that I’d recommend that can help you balance your root chakra and get you back on track so that you can focus on other areas of your life.


First, let’s take a look at carnelian. Carnelian is a beautiful bright orange crystal that imbues its wearer with vitality and motivation. It will help ground you into your present now moment. It serves to activate the base chakra – which is the location of your life force energy. We should all be energetic and enthusiastic but being worried drains our life force energy. Take back your energy with carnelian!

Red Jasper

Red jasper is an earthy crystal that will assist with grounding, protecting and absorbing negative energy. It will assist with activating the root chakra by providing strength, determination and courage. It is especially helpful during stressful times.


Bloodstone crystals have been used through the ages by carrying them into battle. These crystals always remind me of the movie “300” – brute strength, courage and force! Bloodstone is the stone for revitalizing life force energy - as its name implies. It also serves to keep us present in the moment.


Hematite is par excellence for grounding. It can enhance willpower, reliability, confidence and self-esteem. It will help remove self-imposed limitations and by assisting with self-confidence will boost one’s ability to survive.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is protective and repels negative energy. If you are worried, this crystal will help you release this self-created negative energy. It will assist by bringing you back into your physical body if you find yourself getting spaced out, ungrounded, and living in your head.


For those undergoing a stressful time, onyx will provide support during mentally stressful times. It will assist in increasing one’s self-confidence as well as physical strength. It will allow you to be at peace in your surroundings. It can also help carry you physically through tough times by increasing stamina.

Black Tourmaline

If you find yourself in a state of worry – black tourmaline will help remove this negative energy, tension and stress from you. It is a very protective crystal that is also very grounding. It will help you to focus on a positive attitude when you find yourself in difficult situations.

How do you use these crystals for the Root Chakra?

For all these crystals, you can either carry small tumbles with you in a small bag or wear them as jewelry – such as pendants, earrings or bracelets. Another way to use these crystals, is to lie down and place a tumble on your root chakra for 15 minutes once or twice a day. You can also meditate with them while holding them in your hands. I’d especially meditate early in the morning before you start your day to help draw off negative energy, worry and increase vitality, hope and courage! You can also take time out during your day to meditate with your crystals for a few minutes if you find yourself starting to worry or feel ungrounded.

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