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I thought I’d do something a little different in today’s article and talk about a few personal experiences that I’ve had working with crystals. But before I do, it’s probably a good idea to talk a little about my background. My background is science – I have a degree in Microbiology and a Masters in Hazardous Materials Management. Although I’m very scientifically minded, I’m also very open and have always been intrigued by spirituality and asking the deeper questions in life. Even though I am open, if you would have mentioned crystals and the concept of their healing ability to me a few years ago, I’m not going to lie – I probably would have rolled my eyes. But, just like everything else in life, we grow and expand our awareness, if we are open to it, especially if we have life experiences that make us question our current ‘reality.’

When I first got into crystals, I would say honestly, I was just intrigued by their beauty, learning about the different types of crystals and then eventually, their healing properties. However, like most people who start to get into crystals, you dive headfirst and just start buying a whole bunch, not even knowing what they are supposed to do. So, rather than doing what the experts recommend – by working with one crystal at a time, I would wear one type one day, a different one another, meditate with a particular one, then wear 5 different types on one day. So, it was a bit difficult to discern actually what crystals were having any impact on me at all. IF I COULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN…lol, I would probably try to be more disciplined and be more systematic about working with them individually, depending on my needs at the time. It’s also recommended that you take notes on your experiences. If you get a chance, I’d recommend going over to my You Tube Channel (Tropica Exotica) and checking out my video called “How Do Crystals Work.” I go into a bit more detail to provide a better understanding on this topic:

So, with that said, I had this intuitive feeling that they were important, but was not actively trying to discern which ones were doing what. So, one of my very first powerful experiences actually happened while I was taking a class on them….

Crystal Experience No. 1 - Red Jasper

So, one of my first experiences understanding the power of crystals is pretty funny. I was taking a class on crystals and the teacher was passing around a bowl of different crystals. They asked us to choose one crystal. I chose a red jasper (at the time I did not know what that crystal was). The teacher asked us to close our eyes, hold the crystal in our hands. We did this for a few minutes, then we were to go around the room and tell everyone what we experienced. Well, when I put the crystal in my hand, I immediately felt like I needed to throw up! I was really feeling so nauseous that I had to put it on the table. When we went around the room and I explained what I was feeling, the teacher indicated that red jasper is a very grounding stone. And that maybe being in a crystal shop, that I had become ungrounded with all the crystal energy. By holding a very grounding crystal and being ungrounded, it had been such a dramatic change in energy, that it had made me feel nauseous.  So, there are a few things here to take note – one is that I intuitively picked out a grounding crystal – which was what I needed. The second thing to note is that this experience taught me just how powerful these crystals can be! Now, while we probably don’t want to go around feeling nauseous – lol, the point is that they are very powerful energetically – and that experience really highlighted just how powerful they can be!

Crystal Experience No. 2 – Azeztulite

My second story is about azeztulite. Now I had not heard about this crystal before I experienced it’s energy. I was at the Tucson Gem Show walking around one of the show locations and as I walked by one stand with these white azeztulite crystals – all of the arm hairs stood up on my arm as I walked by. I thought, well that is strange, and I continued walking. As I walked by a second time, the same thing happened, so I decided that was a sign and I needed to take note, so I stopped to look at these crystals. These were white azeztulite crystals. So, I decided to take some back to sell. When I got home, I took one and held it in my hand. I could feel the energy pulsating through my hand! It was powerful! If you haven’t heard about this crystal – I encourage you to look it up and read more about it. I believe that these crystals are very powerful and very important to use at this time to help us evolve spiritually.

Crystal Experience No. 3 - Large Crystal Cluster

This happened very recently. I was at the Denver Gem Show. There was a very large – 6-7-foot-tall clear quartz crystal cluster on display. I’ve seen this particular specimen before and decided to go in front of it and take a closer look. As I stood in front of it, I immediately started to cry! The emotion happened immediately – so I know that it was specifically due to standing in front of the crystal. So, to me, again, this goes to show you just how powerful these crystals can be. I believe that they are working on your energy bodies, helping you to release stored up emotions – was what was happening here. We don’t realize just how much we have emotions bottled up inside of us that need to be released. If you get a chance, stand in front of a huge quartz cluster and let it all out!!

Crystal Experience No. 4 - Sad crystals

This experience also happened at a gem show. This was at the Tucson Gem show. I had been walking around the booths and I came into one area of clear quartz and smoky quartz. They were very large pieces. The tables were not very well organized, and the crystals weren’t displayed very well. But the main thing I noted, was that I felt sadness. It was this overwhelming sadness that I felt was coming from the crystals. Now mind you, I had been to several show locations and had never felt anything like this. I believe that I was picking up the energy from the crystals. I felt like I wanted to take them all home – but I couldn’t, and I felt bad about it! It kind of reminded me of going to an animal shelter and being so sad for all of the animals that needed a home. I believe that for whatever reason – either those crystals were not extracted from the earth with care, or it was that the crystal sellers were just in it for the money and really didn’t care about the crystals at all, but there was something there that made them sad. They have consciousness – just as everything around us does. So, even though this is a sad story, I wanted to tell it to make you become more aware of just how amazing crystals are.

Crystal Experience No. 5 - Sentient Plasma Crystal™

So now we are coming to one most recent absolutely exciting story! This is one of my favorite newly discovered crystals! I was at the Denver Gem Show, and I had been looking for some personal pieces for myself. I stopped at one booth and began talking to the salesperson. He ended up showing me some of these extremely clear quartz pieces. If you find very clear quartz, most likely it is from Colombia, and that was the case for this particular piece that I was looking at. This particular type of clear quartz is 93% pure quartz! There were several pieces there, but I picked up one that I was drawn to. I placed it in my left hand, and after a few minutes, I could feel the energy pulsating through my hand. It was incredible!

Later after I got home, I decided to meditate with this crystal. As I held it in my hand, I had a few different experiences. One was that I could feel energy moving in my face – it was a very odd sensation – around my cheeks. Then, I felt as if I could feel various beings around me. In fact, I kept on opening my eyes, because I could feel their presence so strongly. Next, I had this very unusual vision of a crystal cluster – that was actually glowing blue from the inside. Now, I thought – that is very odd. And I remember telling a friend about that vision I had with this crystal. A few days later – I tried to do some research on this crystal and actually found an article (from indicating that apparently these crystals are not from Earth but are seeded from an ice planet and formed from water as opposed to heat and pressure. The article continued on to say, “Those who have seen these ice crystals at the source describe them as having a blue glow from the ice.” How bizarre is that??? Lol! I was so excited to find this article. So, this crystal was telling me more information about itself – which I found pretty cool! I have only worked with it a few times but am definitely planning on working with this crystal more. I believe it is very powerful and am excited to see what all it can do!

Those are just a few personal stories that I thought I’d share to give you some insight as to what you might expect working with crystals. It does take awhile and a lot of self-awareness to be able to discern how the crystals are working with you – but you will get there! What about you – do you have any crystal stories you’d like to share? If so, feel free to leave a comment – I’d love to hear from you!

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