Rose Quartz - The Ultimate Love Crystal

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Rose Quartz

There is no doubt as to why Rose Quartz is one of the most widely known crystals. It is the ultimate crystal of love. Although it might seem subdued with its delicate pink color – be well assured that this crystal is a powerful healer! This week we are taking an in-depth look at why this crystal is currently so important.

The Basics

First, let’s look at some basics. Rose Quartz is part of the quartz family. So, what exactly is quartz? Quartz is a silicon dioxide – SiO2 and is the second most common mineral on Earth.  Rose quartz gets its pink color from trace amounts of iron, titanium and manganese. Other quartzes include amethyst, citrine and smoky quartz as a few examples.

Rose Quartz

Hardness: Mohs 7.0

Location: Mostly found in Brazil and Madagascar. Other places include: South Africa, India, Namibia, Mozambique and Sri Lanka. Another deposit was mined in South Dakota, US

Chakra: Heart chakra

What Metaphysical Properties does it possess?

As “The” Crystal for the Heart Chakra, let’s take a closer look at exactly how this crystal can assist us.

  • It can allow for unexpressed emotions and heartache to finally be released and healed
  • It will assist in drawing off negative energy
  • It can help us recognize and be open to self-love by increasing our self-worth
  • Rose Quartz can open our heart centers so that we allow love to come in
  • It will imbue its owner with feelings of unconditional love, peace and harmony
  • Used in the environment – it will serve to increase a sense of love, peace and tranquility

 How do you use Rose Quartz?

There are many ways to incorporate rose quartz into your life.

To draw love into your life:

  • You can place any shape of rose quartz in the love corner of your bedroom. This the furthest back right corner in your house as you enter the front door.
  • You can carry a rose quartz tumble with you – in your pocket, bra, or handbag
  • You can wear a piece of rose quartz jewelry – such as a rose quartz heart pendant, a ring or a rose quartz bracelet.

To increase loving intentions in the home:

  • Place a rose crystal sphere, tower, or pyramid in the main room where people gather
  • Place pieces of rough rose quartz in each room
  • Place rose quartz crystal hearts in any room

To heal the heart:

  • Meditate with a piece of rose quartz placing the crystal over the heart during meditation
  • Wear a piece of rose quartz as a piece of jewelry
  • Carry a rose quartz tumble with you – in your pocket, bra or handbag
  • Place pieces around the bathtub while soaking in a relaxing warm bath

To create a peaceful work environment:

  • Place a rose quartz sphere, pyramid or tower in your office

Gift to friends, family, coworkers – a rose quartz heart makes a perfect gift!

Rose Quartz, as well as other crystals are here to assist us energetically. While they are all unique in their individual gifts, ultimately they are healing tools. What is the one thing that we could all use within our daily lives and in our outside world? Love! Take this opportunity to support those in and around your life by incorporating rose quartz in some of the suggested ways. Your contribution will help assist in collectively raising the vibration of the earth that needs it so much at this time.

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