Why Crystals are so Important at this time

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I had an epiphany the other day regarding crystals that I thought I'd share. It was about why crystals are so important at this time. But before I get into that, I'll explain a little bit about my path to crystals. A few years ago, I was visiting my sister out of state. I still remember standing up in her kitchen and she opened a few small bags that contained a few crystals that she had just bought. She works at a hospital and they had a few pop-up stores located down in the lobby. One of the people was selling crystals and she had purchased a few from them. When I got back home from my visit - I began to investigate crystals online - and that began my journey into the crystal world! Just that one little introduction was all I needed.

Most people might just buy a crystal or two here or there - and maybe even begin a collection. For me - intuitively and subconsciously, I think, I just knew that I was drawn to these crystals for a bigger purpose. Of course - I was intrigued by their beauty, the different types and interested in the healing properties that they allegedly possessed. However, now I understand WHY I decided to not only buy them for myself, but to begin attending gem shows to buy them and start selling them to others.

In order to explain, I will need to do a little back story here for those that might not be aware. Our solar system entered the Photon Belt around the year 2012. the photon belt is an area in the Universe that contains photonic energy - energy which contains consciousness. It is energy that is like us - derived from "Source/God" and thus contains consciousness. These photons are affecting our bodies, our DNA, and our own consciousness. We are integrating these little packets of light/energy. In case you have had bouts of unexplained fatigue in the past few months and years for some - you may be sensitive to energy and are feeling it. The physical impacts to our bodies are that it can make us tired as we integrate this energy. It's easier for us to integrate while we are sleeping.

I had been thinking recently about this Photon Belt situation and how we are being bombarded with this energy (it has been coming into our experience in waves) and begin to start to connect some dots. Earlier in my journey - I had been learning about and EXPERIENCING crystals - and I began to understand their importance from a metaphysical perspective on their healing properties. However, now I am beginning to realize that these crystals are actually serving a larger purpose.

The crystals are helping us to raise our vibration in order to process this photonic light energy.

The reason why there is a surge in crystal interest currently - is because those of us who are more intuitive understand that we need them. We are finding the tools that we need in order to assist our bodies through this spiritual transition.

If you are awake and aware - you understand just how our physical bodies are being bombarded on a daily basis by things that lower our energy - a variety of control mechanisms whose ultimate goal is to lower our energy - manipulated foods and EMF are a few examples.

To survive and thrive during these times is tough on our mental, spiritual and physical bodies. This photonic light is not easy to assimilate under these conditions. That why our crystal friends are here for us now!

Now I understand clearly how they are not only assisting us by releasing emotions that are no longer serve, grounding us, opening us spiritually, strengthening our energetic fields, and protecting us from negative energy - they are serving a profound purpose as well. They are coming forth from the Earth and using their energy collectively to help us raise our vibration as we go through this spiritual transition. They are our allies in this spiritual warfare. My understanding and gratitude have opened to a whole other level with this epiphany!

So what now? What do we do with this knowledge?

  • Appreciate them
  • Thank them
  • Incorporate them into your life, your workspace, your home
  • Meditate with them
  • Imbibe water with their essence as crystal elixirs
  • Wear them
  • Put them in your garden or yard

Most of all - recognize the significance of their presence in our daily lives during this spiritual transition that we call Ascension.

In love, light and gratitude,

Heather Burket


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