Crystals to Increase Intuition

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This week I thought we’d take a look at crystals that increase intuition. What exactly is intuition? Intuition is your being able to hear and follow your own inner guidance. A few examples are: being able to make the right decisions, receive hunches to follow up on, and being able to read situations clearly.

There are several different ways to increase intuition – through meditation, energy clearing practices, getting outside in nature, grounding, journaling and finally – crystals!

How exactly do crystals work to increase our intuition? If you understand that we are energetic beings and we are constantly giving and receiving energy, you can see that we can be viewed as antennas. Our energy varies on a daily basis, and even from hour to hour and minute to minute if we let it. Crystals are also giving off energy, however, their energy is in a steady state.

As our energetic state becomes more clearer and focused – that means that we are able to discern what our energy is doing and why, and whether or not it is our energy or someone else’s energy. Once we do that, then our inner guidance and voice can be heard more easily. We become more attuned and more in alignment with ourselves.

Crystals can assist us in this endeavor by clearing our energy, lifting our energy, and by increasing the ability to hear our own inner voice.

Clear energy:

  • Black tourmaline
  • Onyx
  • Obsidian
  • Selenite

Increase energy:

  • Any crystals in the quartz family – amethyst, citrine, clear quartz

Increase intuition:

To increase intuition there are several crystals that I would recommend you work with:

1. Labradorite:

Labradorite is in the feldspar family. It is recognizable by its labradorescence – which is the flash shown as the crystal refracts light. Labradorite is varying shades of blue, green, gray and white. Wearing labradorite, such as pendants, rings, or earrings will help increase your intuition as you go through your day. Meditating with labradorite will assist with opening up you ability to tune in and connect to your inner guidance.

2. Amethyst

 Amethyst is probably one of the most popular crystals that you will come across. They are truly popping up everywhere! I personally keep several pieces throughout my home to provide a peaceful relaxing environment. I even have several pieces placed in flower beds in my yard. I let the crystals ‘do their thing!’ Amethyst has an amazing energy that can assist with spiritual awareness, insights and psychic abilities. It can easily be worn as jewelry – such as rings, bracelets or pendants. Meditate with a piece of amethyst or lie down with it placed over your third eye.


3.  Iolite

Iolite is a lesser known stone of a bluish and purple color. It will help calm the mind and help one in making decisions. It will help connect to one’s own inner knowing. Carry a few tumbles with you in your handbag or place a small medicine bag of tumbles by you during the day. Meditation with a tumble will allow for intuitive insights on situations.

4. Moonstone

Moonstone is a very good crystal to instill calming emotions. It will allow for the subconscious to become conscious while increasing intuition. Moonstone is also a great crystal for opening up one’s psychic gifts. Wear moonstone as jewelry or carry tumbles with you throughout your day.

 5. Apophyllite

Apophyllite is a high energy crystal associated with the crown chakra. It is best known for spiritual connection including accessing the akashic records and out of body experiences. This ability also includes being able to access information from the spiritual realm and bring it into the physical. Apophyllite is a wonderful crystal to allow greater insight into one’s behavior and gain clarity. It is, of course, also excellent for increasing intuition!

While there are crystals that specifically enhance intuition, from my perspective, increasing intuition is a part of an overall process which includes being able to discern the truth by becoming more self-aware. Self-awareness is a process where you become more in tune and alignment with your inner self and inner guidance and have greater knowledge of how and why you do things. We can increase our intuition by using tools such as crystals, whose energy allows us access to our own inner knowing. These tools are powerful and should be incorporated into our lives to enhance our overall well-being.

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