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In this article, I wanted to discuss traveling with crystals, as I went to Egypt recently and felt drawn to bring a few crystals that I wanted to share with you.

For my Egypt trip, I brought a clear quartz merkaba. Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier. With clear quartz shaped as a merkaba – it lends itself to increasing one’s energetic light body as the merkaba shape – two inverted triangles – represents the Mer - Light– Ka –Spirit  Ba - Body

I have taken this particular crystal with me on a few trips - Lake Louise in Canada and Sedona, Arizona most recently. I felt called to take it with me on this trip. When it comes to crystals – many times, we just need to go with our own intuition. It’s natural that people want assistance and guidance on what crystal that they should buy or work with, but in all honesty, you are going to be the best person in choosing the one that is right for you. It’s as simple as just finding one that calls to you – and that is the one that you need.

Now, this particular crystal that I brought with me to Egypt is not small and I felt like I wanted to take it with me to all the sites that we visited, so I had to protect it and wrap it in bubble wrap to make sure that it was safe traveling around in my crossbody bag.

Another person that traveled with me, interestingly, also decided to bring a large clear quartz – more of a crystal point, and they also brought it with them to all the archaeological sites.

Another crystal that I was excited to take with me on this trip, was a Libyan Desert Glass. I had heard about this particular type of crystal, which is a material like Moldavite in that it is believed to have been formed by a meteorite. I had heard about it and had wanted to purchase a piece for myself. I forgot what initially drew me to it, but again, I just felt like I should get it. So, when I traveled to Sedona, of course I had to pop into one of the crystal shops and luckily – they had some. So, I bought a piece and took it home.

What I find so fascinating about this, is that when I bought it, I didn’t really know too much about it and upon research, found that this particular type of crystal is found in one of King Tut’s famous headpieces – his pectoral ornament and was shaped into a scarab with this material. How cool is that? I had picked up that piece in Sedona last year – in April, I ended up going to Egypt a year later, and had to bring this crystal as if the Egyptians found it to be important, well then, I did too!

I had wanted to wear this crystal, so I ended up finding a necklace that I could fasten around the crystal so was able to wear it out while visiting the sites.

Another crystal that I bring with me while traveling is tiger’s eye. And I have a funny story to share about that one. A few years back, my friends and I had taken a trip to Peru and Bolivia to visit the sacred sites there. I only brought two bracelets – and they were both Tiger’s Eye – I had no idea why I decided to bring two bracelets with the same stone – they had different bead sizes – one was more of a wrap and the other was a normal 8 mm size bead. Interestingly, one of my friends showed up and she was also wearing a Tiger’s Eye bracelet – we both looked at each other – like, ‘are we on the same wavelength or what?’

Sometime later, I happened to come across a video with Teal Swan and it was a trending type video where she was taking everything out of her purse and showing what she had in it. She pulled out a large Tiger’s eye piece and said that she always kept Tiger’s Eye with her as it was protective while out traveling. So, if anything were to happen, it would happen ahead of you, so that you wouldn’t be involved – or something to that effect. Ever since I heard that, I’ve been a little superstitious about it and find myself wearing a Tiger’s Eye bracelet most of the time.

So, naturally on this trip, I brought my Tiger’s Eye bracelet, but interestingly, the small beaded one that I had been wearing ended up breaking it towards the middle of the trip. So maybe the message was that it wasn’t needed anymore…. I love these types of experiences because they make you stop and take note. One thing that I have to say about beliefs is that they are powerful. And when it comes to ‘protection’ in general, we are powerful, so giving away our power to anything other than ourselves doesn’t really serve. My beliefs about protection have always been – that I know I am powerful and have the capability through my own intention and will to be safe and protected, however, I also understand the need to feel to call upon different deities when you feel that you need additional support, when you aren’t feeling that strong. I also know that creating protection and the intent of protection is not always on the forefront of our mind and that we may use crystals as our ‘fail safe’ method to make sure that we keep that intention in our energetic field. But back to Tiger’s Eye in particular, I also feel that Tiger’s Eye is supportive in strengthening your own will, creating a sense of inner power, courage and strength, so it also serves other purposes in addition to protection.

Circling back to the Clear Quartz Merkaba, I want to dig a little deeper into that crystal. When it comes to being a lightworker, I think a lot of us are grid workers and we do not necessarily know that we are. A grid worker is a person who has enough energy that their energy can contribute to the energetic grid that surrounds the earth. I think many of us are called or end up in certain areas because our energy is needed there – for whatever reason. I believe that one of the reasons that I felt called to bring the quartz crystal merkaba was because it could help me expand my own energy to assist in contributing my energy to the grid in a more powerful way. And interestingly, I just figured that out as I was writing this article. I honestly hadn’t thought about it too much before – but it is making total sense to me now. It was expanding my own energy to add more energy to the grid where it was needed – in Egypt. Wow! I’m amazing myself right now 😊 Well when you are traveling, you have so many other things on your mind, I was never consciously thinking about these things – I was just too engaged with the sites I was visiting.

Crystals are our tools in so many ways. I am also blessed and amazed daily at the incredible experiences that I have and how they have supported me on my journey, both on a spiritual journey and on actual journeys.

I do hope that the next time you travel, you take time to see what crystals are calling you to take them on their next adventure!

Feel free to share any comments that you may have on my blog post on crystals that you use when traveling or any experiences that you have had.

In love, light and gratitude,



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